Aluminum Pergola

It is a fact that a quality, durable Pergola constructed in your landscape design will significantly increase your property value, usage, and visual appeal.  With your selection of the permanent powder coated finishes, colors and textures (including wood grain), you will never know if it is aluminum or wood!  Many times, in addition to custom entertainment areas and patio features in our outdoor designs, we recommend integrating dimensional perspectives, with the stately Pergola as a perfect choice!   A Pergola is a great, new way to bring great visual appeal, shade, and an upgraded, customized look.   Pergolas also create a sense of shelter and privacy, and the ceiling and walls of a pergola can be made with different levels of openness. Therefore, they are not only beautiful, but functional.

Your Envirogreen professional can recommend the perfect Pergola to suit your needs.  We pay attention to placement, anchoring, construction, the angle of the sun’s rays, durability in material, color selection, and everything from selection to completion.

Pergolas may act as a frame for a beautiful background enclave, or they may serve as the focal point in your back yard.  They also make for a great area for vines or hanging gardens!  If you really want to maximize your investment, outdoor lighting may be added to the structure.  This will create a very romantic evening setting, or a perfect entertainment center.  We can add a custom seating area and Pergolas are a great way to create an inviting, covered or semi-covered outdoor sitting area for your backyard.

The aluminum Pergola can be custom-built as part of your dream yard.  On nearly everyone’s wish list is an outdoor pergola.  It will add character, beauty and shade to your outdoor environment. Let Envirogreen Landscape Design – Build make your yard the envy of your friends and neighbors.  We can do this by designing and building your very own pergola. You will find your pergola will provide a stunning, interesting attraction to your yard.  We can add a sheltered seating area with the shade, in addition to custom masonry and stone overlays on the posts’ bases, to match your existing architecture or theme.  Envirogreen installs pergolas of all styles and types, to suit your need and preference.

Custom Pergola

Our Custom Pergola designs can consist of your choice of recommended, tested materials.  Some people prefer our premium, beautiful Douglas Fir Pergola.  With this wood, you can choose from varieties of exterior stains and sealing to create a desired effect, from level of gloss, texture and color, for beauty and long lasting wear.  Although not as long lasting as the aluminum material choice, these premium finishes on Douglas Fir can endure as long as fifteen years or more.  With the Douglas Fir, we use over-sized beams from #1 Grade rough sawn SFI Certified timbers, installed with very strong, rigid dove-tail corners.   Pergolas are a great way to add a more cozy, inviting feeling to your yard if you have a large open space that needs to have distinctive sections.  Having a pergola really does help to add excitement and an upgraded look with great effect!

There are many choices and applications for a Pergola, including installation of LED light fixtures in designs to help accentuate the area.  The recommended addition of low voltage Lighting creates a wonderful ambiance in which to sit and enjoy the evening.  You can get as creative as you want with your pergola in your landscape design!  You may want a wonderful Arbor as an entry to your garden, or an attached Pergola to the side of your home or wall, or a canopied Pergola, or a louvered panel Pergola with choices of privacy with the flip of a handle.  It will be forever appreciated and admired!

Bench Swing Under Pergola
Pergola with Ledgestone
Pergola in the Garden
Artificial Grass and Pergola
Sitting Area Under Pergola
Stone Post Pergola
Pergola with Brown Wood
Pergola with Light Fan
Pergola on Paver Patio
Fireplace Pergola
Column Post Pergola
Back Wall Pergola
Pergola for the Patio
Shade from Pergola
BBQ Island with Pergola
Pergola and Pool
Custom Wood Pergola
Stone Post Wood Pergola
Flagstone Walkway Pergola
White Wood Pergola
Pergola in Landscape
Pergola Custom
Granite Kitchen with Pergola
Ramada with Hot Tub

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