Desert Landscapes

We at Envirogreen Landscape Design-Build have a great appreciation for desert landscapes. For over a decade, we have been selectively cultivating beautiful cacti and desert plants.  We provide cacti and desert plants for many customers and landscape nurseries all around the valley.  Utilizing proper desert landscaping has many benefits to our unique native environment.  Because of the water conservation to reduced maintenance costs, desert landscaping is becoming more popular every day.

Envirogreen provides beautiful, healthy desert plants and cacti for desert landscapes. We give very reasonable prices for customers living around the valley.  Helping you decide on and/or create your perfect outdoor retreat, will be our pleasure.


Desert Landscapes with Cacti

We consider creative, integrative desert landscapes to be an art. Your landscape is our canvas to create a natural, yet uniquely charming masterpiece that is both inspiring and enjoyable for you.  Cacti are very integral components of any desert landscape.  We are proud to have experts on our team who value and have done research on how cacti can contribute to the sustainability of desert life as well.  Cacti and succulents provide for a very sustainable, enduring, low-water usage approach to your outdoor environment.

Many cacti grow reasonably fast and as the seasons change, some of them bloom amazing, colorful showy displays of flowers. Some cacti have small thorns or no thorns at all. While the hot, arid landscape of Arizona can be harsh on many non-native plants, many diverse species of the beautiful desert- loving plants and cacti thrive here.

Desert Landscapes in Arizona

Arizona can be hot and dry in the summertime.  Although the weather in this state is not hot all year round, having a beautiful outdoor desert landscape will allow you to appreciate a plethora of diverse cactus species and desert plants.

We at Envirogreen Landscape Design-Build specialize in both the design and installation of desert landscapes.  Working on the selection, placement, and planting of your desert trees, cacti, shrubs, and plants, is a big task. Focused on integrating these desert plants with the hardscapes of your choice, to create a complete desert paradise. We will help you create an environment you and your whole family will enjoy.