Zebra Agave
Obscura Agave
Felipe Otero Agave
Colorata Agave Aerial View
Marmorata Agave
Tequilana Blue Agave
Agustifolia Agave
Impressa Agave
Gypsophila Agave
Americana Agave
Ocahui Agave
Medio Picta Agave


There are over a dozen different types of Agave to choose from, and our in-house cactus nursery has several of them in stock for you to choose from.  Originating primarily from Mexico, the Agave is native to the deserts of the Southwest and can be a very beautiful addition to your landscape.  Agaves are known for their geometrical spine patterns and low maintenance.  These succulents have a symmetrical rosette of stiff pointed leaf spines that come in a variety of sizes and colors.  They are fast growing and require very little water or fertilizer.

These fleshy plants can come with our without spines and can grow up to 4ft tall.  They also come in various colors such as blue, blue-gray, green and even green with yellow stripes. A wonderful way to implement Agave in your yard is to create Agave gardens.  Since there are so many different types to choose from, this is a great option if you want to have a low maintenance garden in your backyard.  Agaves are great way to accent the existing plant life in your yard.

Each rosette flowers only once and produces a tall stem from the center of the plant that bears a large number of tube-like flowers.  After the fruit is produced, the original plant dies, but the base shoots often become new plants.  Most all Agaves require direct to the indirect sun with well-drained soil.  Agaves also do very well in pots indoors as well as outdoors. These plants thrive in hot dry climates like Arizona and are a perfect fit for xeriscaping!

Did You Know This About The Agave?

It is common to mistake Agave for Cactus. They are not related to cactus or Aloe even though they are very similar in appearance.

Agave Photos

Sharkskin Agave
Aureo Agave
Desmittiana Varigated Agave
Bovicornuta Agave
Blue Flame Agave
Weberi Agave
Attenuata Agave
Ovatifola Agave
Potatorum Dwarf
Macrocantha Agave
Weberi Agave
Chiapensis Agave