Backyard Ponds

Of the many landscape providers in the state of Arizona, Envirogreen paves its way to designing and constructing gorgeous backyard ponds. We at Envirogreen Landscape Design-Build will make sure that you receive the best custom design and build to provide a magnificent accent to your yard.

Ponds have become one of the most requested landscape water features. A number of our clients request insight into designing small decorative ponds to their landscape. A customized properly planned pond can bring a very distinctive piece of nature to your yard. The most important decision is in deciding on what type of pond to build. First lies with selecting the right company to help design and construct the ideal pond for you. As an experienced pond design company, we are proud to offer you all of the tools you will need along the way. This way you can have your own private miniature ecosystem.

Backyard Ponds for Your Landscape

Building a pond the right way from start to finish is what we strive for. We do not take any shortcuts along the way. The focus is to construct all of our ponds with industry leading materials that will hold up over time. We are knowledgeable in the various plants and fish that are able to thrive in our customized ponds.

Many clients find that the new experience of maintaining a “living pond” complete with all of the fish, plants, and other living species offers a new very enjoyable and relaxing hobby. Clients find that feeding their fish can be very rewarding over time as the fish can even learn to eat from their hands.


Many people find that they can get very attached to their fish and even give them names. Landscape ponds offer many unique possibilities to enjoy the life of nature such as Koi Fish, Goldfish, water lilies, turtles, and even snails. In the ideal pond environment that we will help to create, you will have a water ecosystem where plants and fish, are all living together to create a balanced habitat. For example, there are plants that are very oxygenating to ponds such as Water Thyme, and Hornwort.

Water Lilies such as the Victoria provide many pleasing benefits to a pond while having a spiny underside that protects them from being eaten by fish. There are even varieties of snails that eat algae and keep the pond clean. Having the right information and the ideal company to work with will make all the difference in having a custom pond that is easy to manage and right for you.