The Importance Of Boulders

Boulders: The Importance Of Boulders

Boulder-300x143We love landscaping with boulders, as they really add a nature-inspired, artistic character to any landscape design.  Recently we took the time to drive around some upscale, local neighborhoods in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley to see what made a landscape appear most beautiful and alluring.  We found that the desert landscapes with natural looking boulders really stood out from the rest.  This simple, but outstanding feature will greatly improve the look of your landscape, transforming an ordinary landscape to an extra-ordinary one!

Why Boulders Are Better

Landscapes with these ancient, weathered, magnificent rock features just looked so beautiful, to put it simply.  We found that they also allowed for the use of less plants, and they added fantastic “curb appeal” to the yard.  Using fewer plants helps save on watering costs, and they also lend very well to a xeriscape yard with plantings such as cacti and other desert specimens.

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