Nursery for Cactus

Cactus Nursery

We have been growing premium plants, trees, and cacti for many years.  Envirogreen is proud to offer a cactus nursery with unique varieties of beautiful cacti. This cacti has been imported or grown in-house.  You will find that our selection is delightfully eclectic. This means that it is different from the usual plant and tree material found at most nurseries. We offer  plants, trees, and flowers that are already acclimated to the intense Arizona climate.

Envirogreen’s Cactus Nursery

Many cacti grow reasonably fast.  As the seasons change, some of them bloom colorful flowers.  Some cacti have small thorns, or no thorns at all. We have a large selection of different varieties at our cactus nursery.

Landscaping with cacti and succulents is excellent. Our in-house cactus nursery will assist in the selection of the desert plant you decide for your own yard.  They are generally low maintenance plants that also aid in the conservation of water.  Cactus gardens are becoming increasingly popular.  We provide a very interesting array of cacti for you to choose from.

Variety at Envirogreen’s Cactus Nursery

The best method is to mix and match your cacti selection.  For example, be sure to co-mingle taller shapes and spiky foliage species, such as the Agaves and Yuccas.  Then, choose several round and full-shaped cacti or succulents. This provides artistic balance with the tall and spiky shapes.  In addition, choose some succulents with spreading stems.

You may want to choose the ones that offer a variety of colors.  There are many succulents with beautiful purples, reds, yellows, and orange tones. You can find some cacti with varying and interesting shades and hues of color. Providing you with delightful year-round greenery, the beautiful coloration’s of the cacti and succulents are gorgeous.  The tallest types of cacti can even take the place of trees in the true xeriscape creation.


Find Perfect Plant Combinations at Envirogreen’s Cactus Nursery

There are other types of drought-tolerant plants. These can be combined with cacti and succulents in borders and flower beds. Appropriate companion plants may contain some flowering sages, decorative grasses, and Mediterranean-type herbs. When cautiously selected and planted, these assorted plantings will be adored throughout the year.

The herbaceous plants may die back during the winter months. Most of the cacti and succulents will continue to deliver color and interest in the winter months when it is colder. You will enjoy your outdoor cacti and succulents from our cactus nursery year-round.