Cedar Mulch and Dirt

Envirogreen offers installation of cedar mulch and dirt for many beneficial applications.  Dirt and cedar mulch are  among one of our most popular products we sell.  Although it may seem like a very simple product, mulch can be very effective when filling a large empty area.  Mulch is often used for playgrounds and backyards where trees are in abundance. Dirt and mulch are important because they are rich in nutrients and minerals essential for growth of plants and flowers.

Cedar Mulch

If you are looking to seed plants, flowers, trees, or anything else, mulch is the perfect way to go.  Cedar mulch is an attractive top dress for gardening areas.  The oils from the cedar produce an aroma that repels bugs, which makes your garden comparatively pest-free.  However, Cedar mulch can lose its rich color quite quickly, turning to a grayish color.  Additionally, for mulch to be truly beneficial to growing plants, it should contain an even mix of nitrogen and carbon-rich materials.

Cedar wood chips are mostly carbon, so during decomposition, the mulch chips steal some nitrogen from plants.  With this in mind, it may be necessary to fertilize occasionally with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.   Mulch can be made up of either organic or inorganic material which is spread out on top of soil.  It naturally holds moisture and will actually help plants maintain a more even soil temperature and will even prevent the growth of weeds.  Mulch also looks great in any garden, adding to the endless benefits to your landscape.

Mulch Cedar

Dirt Or Ground Soil

Dirt or ground soil, as simple and basic as it sounds, is naturally one of the most essential elements to any landscape.  Healthy soil – with the nutrients, minerals and flora it contains – is what allows your plants, trees, and flowers to grow and thrive.  It is so important to have soil that is rich in necessary nutrients.

This will keep anything you seed, healthy and vibrant. Our earth soil is very organic and does not carry any chemicals. Therefore, it is naturally healthy and ecologically beneficial.

Dirt & Mulch for Your Yard

Cedar Mulch and Dirt for Your Yard

Envirogreen sells dirt and mulch by the ton.  Usually, one ton has an average of four wheelbarrows’ of material.  One ton of dirt and mulch can cover over 100 sq. ft., or even more in some cases.  Some of our clients provide dirt and mulch that they have purchased on their own.  We will also gladly install any dirt and mulch that you can provide.  As you can imagine, tackling a project such as this can be very labor intensive.