Custom Mailboxes

Custom mailboxes will set your home apart from the rest. Envirogreen will design and install a mailbox for you that is freestanding. Custom built to blend with and enhance your front yard and home design.  Ideally, it will have similar design features to your home. We will focus on the common theme and materials of your home.  Having a custom mailbox will complete your front yard landscape. It will serve as a great ornamental piece to the entrance of your property.  A mailbox should not be overly bulky and should provide a unique, attractive design to the entrance of your property.

We are happy to help you select the mailbox you would like to use.  Let us build a custom frame around your mailbox that will match the aesthetic of your home. We can even create custom mailboxes by focusing on the posts to accommodate the mailbox you choose. Most mailboxes do not come with a post when you purchase them which gives you the opportunity to design a custom post of your very own, thus matching your home. We can build this feature near your front door or at the entrance of your driveway. Having a mailbox at the front of your driveway will make it easy for the mailman to drop and pick up mail for you every day.

For commercial projects, we are able to create frames and posts for cluster box units as well. Please take the time to check out other landscape products and services Envirogreen Landscape Design offers.


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