Drip Irrigation System

Envirogreen Landscape Design – Build specialists are experienced in installing and configuring a custom drip irrigation system. They are installed based on your unique landscape needs.  Drip irrigation is highly desirable in Arizona. This is because of its water conservation and ability to target predetermined amounts of water to specific plants. Including other areas needing hydration.  It is a low-pressure, low-volume watering system. It  can include dripping, spraying, and streams, depending on the need.

We at Envirogreen use only the highest quality irrigation products. This includes 1/2″ poly tubing and 1/4″ micro tubing. This tube is made of improved, thicker poly tubing wall material, and exceeds industry standards.  Many drip systems are installed with other forms of irrigation. Light, frequent watering is usually best for a newly installed, young landscape.  When the plants are more mature, waterings need to be a little longer and less frequently.  This is due to their roots being deeper. The deeper soil doesn’t dry out as fast as the soil closer to the surface.

For a typical watering schedule for Arizona, you may want to go to www.amwua.org for a courtesy  “Landscape Watering Guidelines” from the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association.

Advantages of A Drip Irrigation System

* Excellent water conservation due to minimal evaporation and overspray.

* Targeted delivery, preventing watering to areas not needing hydration, thus also preventing weed growth.

* Gentle, precise watering minimizes erosion and runoff.

* Prevention of over saturation, resulting in possible fungal diseases.

* Flexibility of watering amounts and schedules as seasons and plants change.

* Customization for grass areas, trees, raised beds, vegetable rows, flowers, or shrubbery.

* Low visibility of system due to placement, of supply lines beneath the ground, or under a mulch layer.

* Results in less weeding.

* Saves money.

* Fully automated with a timer.

* Long lasting and adaptable.

While drip systems offer flexibility, a single system may not work optimally for all your plant requirements.  By installing separate watering zones, it provides each plant type with their unique watering requirements. We at Envirogreen use only the highest quality parts and fittings This ensures proper installation, functionality, and endurance.