Drought Tolerant Shrubs

Drought tolerant shrubs offer a great chance to add more to your front and back garden landscaping. There are many different options available, in both size and color, and the options also help to add privacy as well as beauty. Here are just a few considerations to make when it comes to choosing your shrubs.

There are plenty of different styles available. Some are much larger than others, which work well for larger gardens. It is important to find a shrub that works well with the size of your garden as choosing something too large will make your landscaping look much smaller. Vice versa, choosing something small will make your landscaping look larger than it really is.

Different Types of Drought Tolerant Shrubs

There are different types of shrubs that offer a variety of colors and opportunities. Some shrubs will offer flowers while others are a little more practical and offer fruit or vegetation. This is something to consider when looking around to make your choices. Having something that has a practical use could lead to getting more out of your garden and your plant choices.

It is also worth thinking about the benefit of privacy that drought tolerant shrubs offer. Larger shrubs can be used along the perimeter of your front or back garden, which helps to stop nosey neighbors from seeing what you are doing; a fence just does not offer that privacy all the time. At the same time, it can help to deter people from walking along your lawn or from pests running around your garden. Of course, on the downside the items also lend a place for critters and pests to hide.

Evergreen shrubs help to add color to your garden all year round. While the changing colors of trees and bushes in the fall will offer a beautiful sight, the bear leaves, and bushes in the winter often add to the dark feelings and dreariness of the darker days. This is something that evergreen shrubs help with as the greenery will hang around all year round. This also helps to keep the privacy throughout the year instead of just when the summer months come around.

Drought Tolerant Shrubs

When choosing shrubs, it is important to consider where the sun hits throughout the day. Some shrubs will require more sunlight than others, especially those that have flowers and vegetation. However, there are some available that will work well in shaded areas of the garden. Another benefit of having these plants around the garden is that they can help to offer some shading. The shrubs can be placed in areas where the sun hits the most to offer a place to sit or lay to enjoy the sun’s rays without it getting too hot.

Avoid putting too many shrubs and plants in one area of the garden – or even in your garden. Too many will lead to the plants fighting over nutrition, water. and sunlight and will mean that they cannot grow to the best of their abilities. We can help you choose the perfect shrubs for your yard as Envirogreen has a large selection of shrubs for your landscape.