A Euphorbia is a low-maintenance, water-retaining plant which some referring to them by the name of Spurge.  They are very efficient at retaining water in their leaves, stems, and roots.  The genus “Euphorbiaceae” is varied in its plant forms, and include large, succulent trees, semi- or evergreen herbaceous shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and even compact succulents.  Euphorbias are known for their swollen, fleshy, and sometimes waxy appearance.  This waxy coating helps them maintain moisture in a hot, dry climate, which are why these plants are great for xeriscaping.  They are usually flowering plants which usually produce a white toxic sap.  Many of their species are noted for their colorful leaves and flowers, raging from spring-yellow, red, purple, blue-green, chartreuse, brown and green.  They can have very thick foliage and are very appealing in any garden or landscape.

With their highly valued aesthetic appearance and unique floral structures, they fit in very nicely with a rock and cacti garden, or with other mixed border features, and are well suited to a dry tropical garden landscape.  A fine gardening enthusiast will love the diversity, uniqueness and colorful beauty these plants can offer!  These care-free, long-living plants display beautiful foliage and vivid flowers year after year.  They may be planted in the fall or springtime, when cooler temperatures help them get an easier start.  As a general rule, they require well-drained soil in full sun.  A few tolerate shadier conditions, and most are not fussy about soil conditions, and can tolerate periods of drought.

Popular Euphorbias are Poinsettias, Crown of Thorns, Cushion Spurge, and Shrubby Spurges.  With new, innovative breeding techniques, there is now quite a selection of these exciting, beautiful plants.  These types of plants often come with a unique palette of colors and shapes that will captivate you!

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Photos Of Euphorbia Plants

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