Adding a fabulous Fountain to your landscape design creates a visual, auditory and emotional experience that is sure to inspire everyone.  Envirogreen designs and installs Fountains and water features for homes to bring an elegant focal point into your yard.  A stately fountain, with beautifully cascading water, provides a very soothing, refreshing ambiance, brought by the sight and nature-sounds of flowing water to your private outdoor retreat.

Not only will a fountain provide you with a cooling effect, it will also give you a feeling of peace, serenity and calm in the midst of a busy world.  Whether grand or modest, we highly recommend at least one or more!

Beautiful, soothing Fountains can be purchased pre-made or constructed on-site at your home.  Pre-made fountains come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be made of concrete, Cantera stone, ceramics, and other unique products.  With a pre-made fountain, you can have a fully functional water feature within a couple days’ time.  It is always Envirogreen Landscape Design’s goal to provide our customers with a fountain that is beautiful, fully functional, and also within their budget.

Designing Your Landscape with Fountains

Once you see and experience a beautiful fountain, you will most assuredly want one for yourself!  You may desire one to make a grand statement at your home’s front entrance to greet guests as they arrive, or in your back yard, where you can leisurely enjoy its soothing peace and beauty for hours at a time, with ability to view from both inside and outside.  We have many different ways in which we can design that awesome, beautiful fountain that is just right for you, in your surrounds.  Having a fountain appeals to multiple senses – by adding beauty, peace, serenity, luxurious ambiance, and the soothing sounds of falling water over natural stone or other attractive elements.  Fountains add a look and feel that is second to none in your outdoor paradise!

There are so many unique and varied options with fountains.  We can arrange a series of boulders so the water is naturally running down them just as in nature.  Or, you may prefer a stacking of a series of ledge stones over a horizontal level surface.  This type of fountain allows water to run down all the stones at the same time creating a stunning look. Sometimes, we even construct a series of pots at different heights, so that running water is flowing from basin to basin until it eventually falls in a “catch basin.”   Whether you want a grand, stunning masterpiece, or a simple, modest water feature, we can help you with both design and installation, complete with colorful lighting and other surrounds, should you desire!

A custom fountain enables the perfect opportunity to blend different elements together – such as earth, water, and even fire!  Did you know that water running over stone becomes “structured” and has an effect of purifying and energizing the air around it?  This same principle applies when there is fresh rain or a thunderstorm. You will want to be outdoors more than indoors with this aquatic feature in your landscape!  A soothing, beautiful fountain can help provide mental relaxation, clarity, serenity, peace and calm.  It is great for meditation and relaxation – something we all need from time to time.

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