Furry Old Man Cactus

A favorite of many, the Furry Old Man Cactus, also known as Old Man Hairy Cactus, is actually a beautiful cactus with a unique, white “hairy” covering, which conceals its thorns and protects it from the hot summer sun. The sunlight stimulates the hair growth on these acclimated desert plants. It is a very popular potted plant, but needs good sunlight. It can grow to a height of 20 feet before

The Furry Old Man Cactus can grow to a height of 20 feet before flowering, and has even been known to grow to twice that height. The pink and white flowers are night blooming. Some varieties produce white, red or yellow flowers. It is very easy to care for, as long as it receives plenty of sun and is not over watered.

It needs soil that is well drained. If it is not growing hair, it usually means it may need more sun. In fact, the hair is usually thickest on the side that faces sun exposure, as the sunlight stimulates the hair growth on these beautiful desert plants. It may take 10 to 18 years for the Old Man Cactus to bloom. For this reason, the taller, more mature ones can be quite expensive. Most people use the smaller ones as potted house plants. If in a pot, it should be unglazed so excess water can evaporate out. Use a cactus mix or blend of sand, perlite and topsoil for indoor cactus growing. Overwatering is a common cause of rot, so keep the soil on the dry side.

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