Garden Planters

Beautiful garden planter areas – created and bordered by either natural stone, ledger, stucco, or pavers – and either ground level or raised – are a perfect way to showcase and define any type of prized foliage!  They are a great way to create distinctive sections within your landscape.  The border, if elevated, can also serve to be both a beautiful and functional seating area, for your own private use, or for entertainment settings.  It can be straight edged or curved, depending on your needs and preference.  Picture sitting down on this under the shade of a beautiful tree, while enjoying your beautiful plants and flowers in a most relaxing way, watching some desert wildlife, listening to your favorite music, enjoying time with friends or family…Garden Planters help give your landscape significant dimensional interest and visual appeal.

Your new custom planter will look great with your favorite colorful flowers, plants, cacti, trees, and/or vines.  Outdoor planters are highly recommended to complete and accentuate your yard.  We encourage you to check out some of our photos of completed projects, where you will see how these beautiful garden planters serve to “complete the look.”  Outdoor planters are an economical, wonderful way to fill up outdoor space that is otherwise more empty or vacant looking.  It can turn “plain” into “fantastic!”   Let Envirogreen Landscape Design-Build customize the perfect planter(s) for you.  You will find, they will dramatically complement your existing architecture, show case  your pride plant selections, and add significant value and artistic appeal to your home.


Outdoor Planters for Every Type pf Plant, Tree and Flower

Custom elevated Planters are one of the best ways to create a decorative finishing touch for the live portions of your landscape.  Using a planter for your plants, trees, bushes and flowers is like creating an outdoor eclectic bouquet.  They can be large or small, long and winding, or short and straight.  You can also use the planter as a bench, a place for you to sit to enjoy the shade of a mesquite tree that is planted in your planter.   Take the time to view all of the different styles and ways you can implement a structural outdoor planter.  Cacti and succulents are also a great filler for planters.  You may want to consider multi-level planters as well, with a stair-step effect!  It has an amazing appeal, and creates instant, inspiring awe – not to mention adding substantial value to your property!

Envirogreen Landscaping will not only help you design and install your outdoor planters but we will also help you come up with a personalized plant design and implementation. Once you visit our products section to view the plants, trees and cacti, you will get ideas on what kind of foliage you would like to plant in your new outdoor planters.  You may already have a couple of featured trees that would look so much more “in place” with a raised, bordered planter around them!  Envirogreen will help you decide what type of masonry to use that will best compliment your outdoor environment.

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