Landscape Design in Carefree, Arizona

The title does really say it all.  Landscape design in Carefree, Arizona should be just that, “Care free!”  One way to achieve that is to consult Envirogreen Landscape Design-Build with regard to the perfect landscape design that meets your aesthetic needs.  Along with any climate and atmosphere, there are some idiosyncrasies that plants, shrubs and foliage bring that requires an Envirogreen Landscape professional to successfully navigate.  However, this in no way suggests that you as the homeowner should not be intimately involved in the process of planning and developing your landscape design in Care Free.

Envirogreen Landscape Design-Build specializes in designing your dream scape with 3D design renderings.  We use a sophisticated design software to provide you with true-to-life visuals of your proposed outdoor landscape.   These more complex 3D plans show elevation and various other customized viewing options, much as if you are standing in your yard!  These renderings also incorporate accurate size and scale projections. We will include visuals of your property, existing architectural surrounds, along with the proposed design all worked in together, so you can view the finished product at the beginning!

Viewing your design will create a vision of what your beautiful landscape will look like at completion.  Importantly, you will be able to see  your plan and determine if an addition or change of hardscape features, dimensions, contouring, colorization,  or plantings needs to be incorporated.   Having a properly designed Landscape Design is most essential, economical and effective in achieving your desired outcome for your front yard presentation and backyard living environment.  We have found our clients to have great appreciation for this valuable visualization, offering them a very realistic preview not otherwise possible.

Experience in Landscape Design – Carefree

Envirogreen has over 17 years’ experience in both designing and installing quality residential and commercial landscapes.  We have expertise in creating magnificent water features, outdoor kitchens, barbecues,  patios, pergolas, custom fire pits, custom pavers, ledger stone, boulders, walkways, elevated planting areas, and more.  After your initial landscape design, we hope to continue our service to you with the construction and installation of the rest of your outdoor dream scape.  After professionally installing all your hardscape, we will then construct the other features in your plan, such as sod, artificial grass, trees, ground cover, mulch, mounding, plants and trees outdoor lighting, sprinkler systems and whatever is needed and desired to bring your project to completion.

We invite you to contact us for a free consultation, in which we will be happy to help you achieve your desired outcome in creating your beautiful and useful outdoor space!

Photos of Landscape Design In Anthem


Photos of Landscape Design in Carefree

Although some may consider the decreased rainfall and the dry climate in Arizona to be a negative, just the opposite is true. Water conservation is very important to the landscape design in Anthem. Because of Arizona’s dry climate, residents have the greatest opportunity to have a desert landscape that will satisfy their outdoor needs. We can create a great landscape design in anthem that will conserve on your water bill and usage. We can incorporate many elements to your desert oasis such as an outdoor living room for lazy afternoons, shaded ramadas for a break from the sun, a BBQ island for family gatherings, or even a fire pit for cool Anthem nights. We can provide you with the perfect additions by using our services. Your landscape that will make coming home even more splendid and relaxing.

The best landscapes are those that appeal to you, the homeowner. There are no limits to what you can achieve with a landscape design in Anthem. All you really need is a good idea of what you want; what would make your landscape match your personality, desires, and lifestyle. Do you need a play area for the children? What about a quiet romantic nook to steal away a few moments after a long day, secluded from the rest of the world? Do you do a lot of entertaining? These are all considerations in determining the right landscape for you. Envirogreen Landscaping will help you find ideas as to what will work for your yards particular makeup. It’s important to remember; however, that the best landscape designers are those who take into consideration what the homeowner desires and works collaboratively with them while understanding the specific city they live in and the climate. We know the best way to produce a landscape Design in Anthem because of our love for desert environments.

Softscapes and Hardscapes, A Landscape Design in Anthem

There are many options for those considering landscape design in Anthem to choose from. There are softscape as well as hardscape options, or a mix between the two. You have your choice of native plants that flower for several months during the year, or perennials that are hearty enough to withstand the desert like conditions. There are deciduous plants and even evergreens that do well in drought tolerant conditions perfect for a landscape design in Anthem that may frame your home beautifully. There are plants that can handle sandy or clay like soil as well.

Desert does not mean barren when it comes to have a beautifully landscape design in Anthem. Because there are so many options to choose from, Envirogreen will help you in getting just the right combination of hard and softscape materials that will bring your Anthem landscape to life.