Landscape Design in Cave Creek, Arizona

People are aware of the saying “The first impression is the lasting impression”.  This can be seen and understood in various ways, especially when it comes to landscape design in Cave Creek.  Individuals tend to take this saying very seriously when it comes to what one’s first impression will be of their home.
It is a good idea to contact Envirogreen Landscape Design-Build if there has been any thought of possibly making changes to the entryway or outdoor living and entertainment area of your home.  Your landscape design in Cave Creek may be outdated or needing a total makeover.  There are a wide variety of specialty ideas and options for your landscape design in Cave Creek that are now available that may not have been just a few years ago!  Pairing up with Envirogreen Landscape Design-Build professional will allow you to be on your way to maximizing the beauty, appeal and function of your current outdoor living and viewing space, and making it the personal sanctuary of your dreams!

Traveling Through a Landscape Design in Cave Creek

The entryway to your home may lead to the garden  or viewing area which is generally next to the driveway.  It may lead to other areas in the direction of the house itself.  Prior to executing the new design, Envirogreen Landscape will assess your entire area thoroughly; taking into consideration your theme, architecture and available space.  Individuals seeking new or upgraded landscape design in Cave Creek usually have a walkway leading to an entrance, which can be used to create a grand first impression.  As a perfect example, there are ways in which walkways and entrances can be designed with pavers, borders, archways, and/or gates that will dramatically improve the perceived value, status, and visual appeal of a home.

Envirogreen Landscape will pay close attention to the driveway, which is normally the busiest area, and the most viewed from neighbors and guests.  We will then assess the walkways that lead to and from the house.  These walkways should show off a carefully constructed and neat appearance.  Adding flowers or flowering shrubs, borders and/or other plants or ornamental cacti around these walkways will enhance the beauty of the entire area.  Integration of these various kinds of shrubs, plants, and flowers, with the foundation and border beds will enhance your theme.  Proper lighting should also be in this area to provide a beautiful visibility during the evening.  We at Envirogreen know it is important to remember and factor in details when creating your landscape design.

Varying height elevations will enhance your landscape design, and it is a good idea to begin at the base of the outer border of your front yard with shorter plants, and increase the height as the plants get closer to the house.  A grand central tree or two can be strategically and placed, with tiered borders, surrounded by stone, mounds, and accompanying desert plants and shrubs – all artfully integrated to create a view to enjoy!
We must also take into consideration to the amount of traffic that will be received in each area.  In the case of high traffic areas, it is recommended to use raised beds, screens, hedges and/or decorative fencing in an effort to restrict the more visible areas.  Strategic placement of all landscape components is essential, which is why the assistance from an Envirogreen Landscape professional is needed.  We will also make sure that the flowers and plants in your landscape design are positioned in the areas around your home to maximize visibility from inside and out, and at the same time, receive proper sunlight and shade.
Therefore, special attention should be paid to the entryway of your home so that it is always an inviting area.  With all the landscape design ideas that are available and with the assistance of an Envirogreen designer your home’s landscape in Cave Creek will complement your current landscape and fits within your budget.

After your front yard is properly created and installed, your back yard living area becomes the next priority.  Envirogreen specializes in 3D professional landscape design, with complete installation to follow.  Having been in business over 17 years, we’ve been privileged to do custom work at Fashion Square Mall, Fiesta Mall, and other commercial areas.  However, we do most of our work with homeowners – designing their custom landscapes, and implementing installation of all that goes with it – breathtaking water features, grand outdoor kitchens, BBQ’s, fire pits, pergolas, custom stone and masonry, pavers, sitting areas, elevated planting areas, borders, boulders, mounding, beautiful trees, colorful shrubs, desert-adaptable plants, and the list goes on!

Let Envirogreen professionals design and create a most beautiful, unique outdoor experience that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come!