Landscape Design

Envirogreen Landscape Design – Build has over 17 years experience in professional landscape design and installation. We have a dedicated team of designers who specialize in creating beautiful, unique, and custom landscape designs for our clients. Our designers’ masteries include all ranges of contemporary, modern  concepts and also more natural, free flowing designs. The different styles we provide depend on the client’s objectives and preference.

Since we also have our won in-house cactus nursery and boulder collectionwe can enhance choice of variety, quality and savings for our clients. Our team draws from these collections to lovingly create the beautiful desert landscape design renderings that our clients so much enjoy.

If you choose to start a landscape design with Envirogreen, we will meet with you to discuss the whole design process. We will also discuss the various options you have to create your dream landscape. It is always our goal to be as reasonable as possible with our landscape designs. This is because, ultimately we are striving to earn your business for the installation part of the project. Virtually, all of our projects end up being ones that we were commissioned for on a design. These design renderings enable us to spend the additional quality time necessary to create that special level of detail which brings more of a custom and unique landscape.

Landscape Design and Conserving Water

Although some may consider the decreased rainfall and the dry climate in Arizona to be negative, just the opposite is true. Water conservation is very important when it comes to landscape design. Because of Arizona’s dry climate, residents have the greatest opportunity to have a desert landscape that will satisfy their outdoor needs. We can create a great landscape design that will conserve on your water bill and usage. We can incorporate many elements to your desert oasis such as an outdoor living room for lazy afternoons, shaded ramadas for a break from the sun, a BBQ island for family gatherings, or even a fire pit for cool nights.

The Best Landscape Design

The best landscapes are those that appeal to you, the homeowner. There are no limits to what you can achieve with landscape design. All you really need is a good idea of what you want; what would make your landscape match your personality, desires, and lifestyle? Do you need a play area for the children? What about a quiet romantic nook to steal away a few moments after a long day, secluded from the rest of the world? Do you do a lot of entertaining? These are all considerations in determining the right landscape for you.

Landscape Design – Softscapes and Hardscapes

There are many options of landscape designs to choose from. There are soft scape as well as hardscape options, or a mix between the two. You have your choice of native plants that flower for several months during the year, or perennials that are hearty enough to withstand the desert like conditions. There are deciduous plants and even evergreens that do well in drought tolerant conditions perfect for a landscape design to frame your home beautifully. There are plants that can handle sandy or clay-like soil as well.

Desert does not mean barren when it comes to having a beautiful landscape design. Because there are so many options to choose from, Envirogreen will help you in getting just the right combination of hard and soft scape materials that will bring your landscape to life.