Landscape Mounds and Elevation

Does your landscape look plain and flat?  Do you wish your backyard or front lawn had more character and persona?  We highly recommend that our clients add landscape mounds and elevations to their landscapes. Landscape mounds and elevations are most commonly seen in large landscapes such as golf resorts/parks, deserts, and other large areas.  Installing a well designed and natural looking mound in a yard adds a new artistic dimension to an otherwise flat and understated appearance.

Mounding provides for a possibility of installing decorative accents such as natural boulders, plants, and cacti – to name a few.  This brings great beauty to your surroundings – making everything very visually stimulating and enjoyable.  Why keep the same old basic looking yard when you can elevate it to a whole new look?  Landscape mounds and elevations are one of Envirogreen Landscaping’s many different specialties.

Landscape Mounds and Elevations Need To Be Done Correctly

It is crucial to have the mound and elevations’ contours professionally done with a company who has experience creating aesthetically pleasing results.  If done incorrectly, mounding can look like unwanted humps or bumps in the yard, which certainly is not the intent. Landscape mounds should appear as if they belong and should gradually meander and increase or decrease in size based on the overall feel of its surroundings.

Drainage is also an extremely important factor to consider and it should be planned into any elevation enhancement.  Consider having Envirogreen properly build mounding and elevations in your landscape.  We guarantee to provide an excellent project turnover.