Earth Elements

Landscape Products – Earth Elements

Having a landscaping project will not be complete without sand, dirt, and gravel as these are essential landscape products to help you start your landscaping designs. These landscape products are essential in the sense that they are where the plants grow. It is important to have the proper earth element to build on as well as planting trees and plants.

The soil is the most essential part of dirt. It contains important nutrients which are essential to the growth of your plants. So for your soil needs, the best kind to use is the top soil. Top soil can be purchased by bags or can be purchased by the bulk. You may also want to use composted plant mix. Fill dirt is an essential part of all of our landscape products and is crucial for any landscape project done from start to finish. Both fill, dirt and top soil are commonly available for pickup or it can be delivered to your place. You may also want to get the installation service offered.


Landscape Products: Masonry

Masonry is an important element in Envirogreen’s landscape products. It is the barrier and gateway to different portions of your landscape. Block, pavers and stone are wonderful for creating small walls, walkways, BBQ Islands etc. We make sure we use the most sustainable masonry to insure longevity and sustainability. Flagstone and concrete are also important when it comes to creating walkways or patios. We mix and lay our own concrete to make sure your yard has the custom design that fits perfectly in your yard.

Underground Utilities

Landscape Products: Underground Utilities

There are various types of landscape products that people don’t even equate when it comes to design. This happens often when it comes to thinking about the details of your landscape such as lighting, sprinkler systems, irrigation timers and drip systems. Don’t forget about electrical and gas. This is so we can create a living environment outdoors. Such as outdoor kitchens and setting up appropriate lighting too be able to illuminate the areas you are using at night. These elements are a very important part of landscape design as it is how it brings power and functionality.

Plants, Trees, Cacti, etc.

Landscape Products – Plants, Trees, Cacti and Flowers

We help you choose the perfect outdoor plants which is one of the most important of all of our landscape products to select for your design. Each plant, tree, cacti and flower will be chosen precisely to compliment your yard making it the perfect outdoor environment. We also have great greenhouse options so that you can grow your own herb and vegetable garden. Envirogreen landscaping takes precious care of the development of the living elements of your landscape.

Outdoor Features

Outdoor Features

Accentuate your landscape with an outdoor feature. We offer landscape products such as custom BBQ islands, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, fountains, waterfall, ponds, bridges, gazebos and virtually anything else that is structural. Let us create the perfect structural elements for your yard. We are happy to install and construct whatever you need for your home.