Mediterranean Landscape

Do you dream of living along the Mediterranean with the sumptuous vistas and beautiful landscape designs? Well, you might not be able to bring a view of the Sea by your home but you can employ a Mediterranean landscape to your front and backyards and create the look of living along the coast of Greece, Spain or Italy.

Mediterranean landscape designs have been on the rise in recent years, thanks to their classic, appealing look as well as their moderate cost.  You can create beautiful Mediterranean designs for your home without having to spend a fortune to do so. In fact, many of the touches that are the signature of this particular design can start with small items you purchase and place on your lawn.


More On Mediterranean Landscapes

The signature of Mediterranean designs is founded in its simple, classic elegance. Their formality is incorporated in specific designs that combine the appropriate materials with the right plants and accents provided by specific items. The typical items and structures of Mediterranean designs include Roman columns, tiered fountains, terra cotta pots and even bocce ball courts which combine the elegance of Greek & Roman motifs with the natural elements found in that part of Europe which include cypress trees, ornamental grass, and lavender.

Relaxation From Mediterranean Landscape Designs

A key part of Mediterranean designs is the emphasis on outdoor relaxation. Tiered fountains made from native stone along with walled herb gardens that provide the atmosphere, look and even smell of living along the Mediterranean coast. Selecting this design means spending more time outdoors with friends and family or even alone as you relax and drink a glass of wine in the beautiful design of your new garden.

Another prominent part of Mediterranean designs is incorporating Bocce Ball, an ancient Italian game that dates back to the Roman Empire.  The sport is very similar to lawn bowling and actually does not take up a great deal of space.  You can create a Bocce Ball court which is somewhat long, but narrow that can accommodate two to eight players.

If you want a more exquisite look, then a tiered fountain may be the answer. Y ou can keep it simple or add intricate carvings, statues, and other accessories to make it as elegant as you want.  This will certainly augment your herb garden, a popular type of gardening in Europe where specific herbs are grown for both culinary and medicinal value. Today, you can grow your own culinary delights to augment your meals right in your own garden.

There are many Mediterranean designs you can choose from that will take your front or backyard across the ocean, and add timeless value and beauty to your life.