The beautiful Ocotillo is one of the easiest plants to identify in the desert. It is a highly recommended “must have!” Like their name suggests, they have many cane-like spiny stems that grow from a short trunk at the base. In spring and early summer, they proudly display dense clusters of bright reddish-orange tubular flowers. They can reach heights up to 20 ft., and live up to 60 years, with some well over 100 years. Other names for it include Candlewood, Vine Cactus, Flamng Sword, Jacob’s Staff, Slimwood and Coachwhip. Some use it as a beautiful and natural alternative to “fencing” because it’s spines make it difficult for people or animals from passing through. Others use it as a focal piece in a landscape design, to add very pleasing contrast, color and dimension to the other featured plants.

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