Organic Gardening

If you are interested in enjoying the many benefits of having your own home vegetable garden, please consider Envirogreen Landscaping for your home’s organic gardening design and installation.

Envirogreen will custom design a garden best suited for your space. Our services include preparing the ground for the garden – clearing the area and turning soil then constructing the raised bed framework (if using this style) with corner posts and boards.  This is followed by filling the frame with soil (we use a premium 50 – 50 organic topsoil/composted manure mix).

We will also develop a layout and a planting/harvest schedule, based on your preferences, utilizing organic and bio-dynamic gardening principles.

Please take the time to visit our landscape installation section to see how we create landscapes from start to finish.

  • Finding out which vegetables you love the best and researching the best varieties and methods for growing them.
  • Designing a garden layout and schedule that will yield the best results for both your harvest and the overall health and sustainability of your garden.