Bench for Outdoors

Outdoor Benches

Having outdoor furniture is a great way to make your outdoor environment an extension of your indoor livable space.  We at Envirogreen encourage the use of strategically placed outdoor benches to complement your landscape.  Benches can make your outdoor space so much more inviting.  You can purchase a custom artisan bench from a vendor of your choice, or have Envirogreen design and construct a custom bench that blends into your outdoor terrain. Custom build a bench by using complementary materials to your other hardscape, such as stone, block, or stucco.

We can provide custom outdoor benches for your landscape.  Having an outdoor bench is a great way to create seating areas for your backyard. Outdoor benches are often created to surround an invitingly beautiful fire pit. They can also be used in the side area of your home that may not get a lot of action, creating an intimate seating area, under an overhanging tree or a pergola with beautiful interwoven vines.  Add a stone waterfall feature, and you will have a true paradise!  Benches will enable you to relax and immensely enjoy your outdoor ambiance.

We suggest using foliage that will compliment your backyard to surround the bench area. This way you can enjoy song birds, butterflies and even ladybugs that may be attracted to the plants and trees planted near your bench area.  A bench is always a great fixture to place in the middle of a garden or even your outdoor patio.

Enclosed Patio with Outdoor Bench
Water Feature with Outdoor Bench
Outdoor Bench with Fire Pit
Gas Fireplace with Outdoor Bench
Wooden Outdoor Bench
Outdoor Bench with Ledgestone
Gas Fire Pit with Outdoor Bench
Outdoor Bench on Patio
Outdoor Bench with Travertine