Outdoor Fireplace

Having an outdoor fireplace, a perfect way to enjoy a chilly evening in your very own backyard. They enable you to enjoy your beautiful yard year‐round and they are also a great focal point in your landscape. Like water features, a fireplace adds its own unique “nature” properties to your paradise. It can turn an ordinary evening into a special one. Envirogreen will design and install a handsome outdoor fireplace in your backyard and customized it to your preference.

We design and build custom fireplaces for any type of yard. The most popular fireplaces are gas, this way you don’t have to fuss with the hassle of starting your own fire. You just flip a switch and enjoy. You have the option to use natural gas or propane with an electronic or manual ignition. You can even enhance the look of your fireplace by using gas logs or fire rocks. We are also happy to build a wood burning fireplace as well. There is nothing like the smell of mesquite wood burning on a cool night.

Take the time to review some of the projects we have done below. We enjoy creating fireplaces for our clients to help create a warm outdoor ambiance for the whole family to enjoy. Take the time to review some of the projects we have done below. We provide many other outdoor features you would need for your landscape.

Linear Fireplace Gas
Fireplace wtih Ledgestone
Fire Rock Fireplace
Bench with Fireplace
Fireplace with LED Light
Sitting area with Fireplace
Fireplace with Stone
Fireplace Beehive Model

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