Painted Concrete Patio

There are many ways to improve upon the traditional, plain concrete look.  Creating a painted concrete patio is a perfect way to enhance your outdoor environment. Today’s concrete can become very attractive with a variety of available added colors, textures, and surface treatments. Stamping, staining and adding textures that replicate natural stone or brick are available as well.  Other finishes include a salt finish and a broom finish.  Color options for staining which include rich earthy tones that blend and complement your other outdoor surroundings are often recommended.

We at Envirogreen Landscaping use or install concrete in many applications, including patio flooring and extensions, walkways, stepping stones, pots, planters, walls, exposed aggregate, form pouring, footings, borders, curbing, and more. We look forward to creating a beautiful painted concrete patio for you to enjoy.

If you would like to have concrete poured, please visit our concrete patio section and learn about how our designers can help your landscape.