Rainbow Cactus

The charming, eye-catching Rainbow Cactus is a short (12 to 18 inches high), cylindrical plant that is famously colorful out-of-bloom as well as in-bloom. It is densely covered with colorful spines in alternating bands of red, pink, white and gray. It holds its spines pressed up against its stem, and therefore is also called a “Comb Cactus”. In the spring, it boasts brightly colored magenta flowers which are at least 2 inches in width. these pop up at the top in beautiful clusters.

For the most vivid color, they should be grown in the sun. Partial shade in the afternoon is acceptable. It is one of the most cold-hardy cacti, and can survive short exposures to temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit if it is kept dry. Like most all cacti they need a fast-draining soil mix. They do well in outdoor pots as well, but then are not quite as cold-hardy as when they’re in the ground.

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