Residential Landscape Design

Our primary focus is on local cal residential landscape design projects within the valley. The beauty of a residential landscape design is that no two projects are exactly the same. Each homeowner has the complete freedom to create an outdoor environment that inspires their soul. Our passion is to help expand on the insights and ideas that are presented by each of our clients.

The majority of our residential landscape design clients enjoy blending desert themes inspired by Arizona’s rugged wilderness.We use softer accents such as lush plants and soft green textures. This can include the installment of a rolling lawn or use of earthy rocks and soil.

Residential Landscape Design – Xeriscaping

This innovative form of a residential landscape design was first conceived for drought-afflicted parts of the world. As the cost of water continues to rise, an increasing number of homeowners are utilizing xeriscaping. The basics of xeriscaping lay in utilizing native plants, shrubs and trees in a strategic and creative manner. The focus is to not use fertilizers or pesticides for maintenance. With careful planning, residents can save between 50-75 percent of water while enjoying a stunningly beautiful yard.

Why Xeriscaping?

We enjoy xeriscaping for any residential landscape design because it combines both strategy and aesthetic beauty. This provides our clients with a landscape that is naturally gorgeous and financially viable.

The Benefits

  • Saves cost on water
  • Low maintenance
  • Makes use of the natural habitat
  • No fertilizers or pesticides are needed
  • No lawn mowers needed!
  • Creative and unique

There is no limit as to how creative and luxurious a residential landscape design can become when utilizing xeriscaping techniques.

Tropical Residential Landscape Design

This is a great option for those looking to create a lush oasis in the middle of the rugged desert. Our clients often combine items such as leafy palms, colorful flowers, large boulders, flowing fountains, and luxurious pools. Our designers are experts at creating a residential landscape design that inspires residents. We want our clients to feel as though they are living in their own tropical hideaway. We enjoy this process because it allows for ultimate creativity and imagination to take flight.

The Benefits

  • Colorful & inspiring
  • A calming escape from desert life
  • Use of palms & rock can reduce water usage
  • Unlimited options for unparalleled creativity

Our clients are often surprised at how beautifully the earthy desert and colorful tropics come together for an unforgettable landscape.

Tropical Residential Landscape Design features

Envirogreen knows all the in’s and out’s when it comes to creating a residential landscape design. We can help you make landscaping your home fun and easy. Transform your front and backyard into your dream outdoor environment. Here are a few crucial elements in your yard that can be accentuated to give you the outdoor oasis you have always desired.

Pool Landscaping : Create a great surrounding area for your pool by adding plants and waterfalls. Having a cascading waterfall into your pool with spectacular lighting to illuminate the bordering areas is amazing. Swimming pool landscaping is a simple way to accent the main focal point of your landscape design.

Patio Landscaping: Whether you have a big yard or large yard you most likely have a patio. The patio is an important element to your yard. It is usually the first portion for your front or backyard when stepping out of your house. Take the time to make sure that your patio is enjoyable for relaxing.