Sand and Gravel

There are many different types of sand and gravel that can be used for landscape and hardscape applications. Below we will show you the three most widely used mixes in the world of landscape design.

ABC Mixes


ABC stands for Aggregate Base Coarse. It is made up of a 50/50 rock soil mix. ABC is used for compaction purposes and is one of the most affordable mixes available. It can also be used in concrete mixes with the addition of other elements. Usually a mix of gravel ranging from 1″ down to sand size pieces, ABC has been used many times as a compaction ingredient beneath concrete slabs and road. Mixes are very commonly found on gravel roads due to the fact that this mix has very little clay and it is less likely for it to become muddy.  ABC mixes can range in colors, with varying shades and hues.

1/4" Minus Mixes

This is the most popular material and it used for many landscape needs.  ¼” Minus is a great material to use for compaction, as it can be used as a base under pavers or artificial turf, for example. It is also used for driveways, or to create a natural desert landscape look.  ¼” Minus mixes are fine crushed rock and used mostly for driveways. It is very light in color and crushed from ¼” down to 0″. This aggregate rock is round.  Because it has been crushed, it means that the aggregate will pack tightly.  ¼” Minus is also used for walkways, flagstone bedding, and dog runs.


Sand Mixes


Sand is great to use for many sub-base applications. It can be used under pavers or artificial turf, for example. Sand is great for drainage as well, and is often mixed with mulch or dirt to add extra drainage for plants and trees..