A designer on our team will come to your property to discuss your goals and expectations for your outdoor space. Upon arrival, our designer will do a walkthrough with you for a site analysis.

During the consultation our team will learn about your property, if you have any drainage concerns, and what style you prefer for your landscape. We will take thorough measurements of the areas where re-design is needed. Photos of your property will also be taken for reference during the 3D design process.



Once your property has been evaluated by a designer they will begin the design process for you. Based on your preferences a designer will draw your landscape design in a landscape drawing and provide you with renderings that will be 3D, in color, and to the scale of your home. When you receive your initial design to review you will have the opportunity to communicate with your designer to make changes, additions, or adjustments to be sure your design is perfect for you.



Your proposal is an itemized breakdown of the installation costs for the installation portion of your landscape design. This proposal is based on the final design agreed upon between you and your designer. Once you receive this cost breakdown of your project we encourage you to thoroughly review it to make any adjustments and/or changes necessary to be sure we stay within your budget.


Plant & Material Selection

Selecting the right materials is a crucial step to ensure the functionality, aesthetics, and longevity of the outdoor space. Materials such as travertine pavers, concrete pavers, ledge stone, pergola colors, and gutter colors, are all examples of materials we will encourage you to select. Your designer will help guide you through this process. Plant, cacti, succulent, and tree selection is based on the climate of Arizona heat as well as your desired planting locations and aesthetics. We have members on our team who specialize in helping you select the perfect plantings for your landscape.



Once your materials are selected, our in-house crew will do a full landscape design installation. The installation phase is the critical step where your vision on paper is transformed into a tangible and functional outdoor space. During installation, Envirogreen Landscape Design will start your project and will continue installation daily until your installation is complete. Our team will be available to communicate with you during the entire installation process.

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