Sprinkler Systems

If you are considering a sprinkler system for your lawn, then we are your best choice in the valley.  Good sprinkler systems will have double coverage, having double coverage ensures that all areas of the grass will get even water distribution. Without double coverage, a slight wind can blow the water spray away from the indented area.

We also always install 4” premium pop-up sprinkler heads on our projects that are fully adjustable.

A 4”- pop-up sprinkler head will enable the sprinkler head to reach over the grass blades, especially if the lawn has not been mowed in a little while. Sprinkler heads that are too short will not effectively water the grass evenly or possibly at all. It is also important to have adjustable sprinkler heads for your sprinkler system since these allow for fine-tuning where needed such as along patios or walls.

Of course, the sprinkler system is only good as its weakest part and so we install premium Rain-Bird commercial grade sprinkler valves on all of our landscape projects. Using a high-end valve is a little more expensive up front, but saves significantly over time due to repair costs and replacement expenses associated with a cheap valve.