Xeriscape Design

The Phoenix metropolitan area covers an area of more than 9,000 square miles in the middle of the Sonoran Desert and is the 5th driest city in the United States. This is why it is imperative to add xeriscape design to your yard. Water that is available for our use comes mainly from four sources. Reclaimed water, ground water, the Salt River Project that uses a system of canals, and the Central Arizona Project which brings water from the Colorado River to the Phoenix area.

More than half of the water that is used in the Phoenix Metropolitan area is used for landscaping. In 1990, the City of Phoenix instituted a Drought Management Plan demanding that water consumption in Phoenix be reduced. Landscaping must be planned in a way that conserves water yet still gives your home the appearance and comfort you desire. The method used at Envirogreen Landscape Design-Build to accomplish this is referred to as “Xeriscaping.”

Xeriscape Landscape Design Plan

There are seven basic principles of xeriscaping that we use to provide you with a landscape that is both appealing and conserves water (and money!). At Envirogreen Landscape Design-Build, we pay careful attention to planning and designing your landscape, assessing both the typography and the drainage patterns of your yard, the natural lighting areas that can range from nearly full shade to full exposure to the Arizona sun.

What plants are already on site that should stay? Do you want a formal or informal landscape? Are there views that you want to be preserved (or obscured)? Are there areas where you want more privacy? Do you want to attract wildlife (birds, butterflies, etc.)? We strive to give you the landscape environment you want.

The Second Xeriscape Landscape Principle, Soil Assessment

We will assess your soil condition to determine the acidity of your soil and its water retention capabilities. Additional soil may need to be brought in and added to the existing soil you have in order to provide proper conditions for good growth after planting, while keeping in mind that benefits of the new soil will diminish after a few years and that the soil you currently have will be the soil that sustains the plants over a longer period of time.

The Third Xeriscape Landscape Principle, Select the Right Plants

We help you select plants that are best suited to your specific property and weather conditions. A plant that grows well in Cave Creek may not grow well in Mesa. We take into consideration the growth rate of each of the plants selected, their individual water requirements, and the natural lighting and drainage patterns of your yard to ensure that those plants requiring more shade and water get what they need.

The Fourth Xeriscape Landscape Principle, Use Grass Wisely

A grass lawn uses a lot more water than other areas of your landscape and requires more maintenance.

The Fifth Xeriscaping Principle, Apply Mulch

Envirogreen Landscaping encourages the use of mulch around your plants to conserve the water they receive, reduce the need for excessive watering, add nutrients to the soil around the plants, reduce weeds and minimize upkeep.

The Sixth Xeriscape Landscape Principle, Water Efficiently

A good deep watering every few days is better for your plants than a shallow watering daily. Water needs to penetrate deep into the soil in order to provide adequate moisture to the plant roots. Envirogreen Landscaping will assist you in selecting the best irrigation system for your landscape, whether it is a pop-up sprinkler, drip, bubbler, or micro-irrigation system.

The Seventh Xeriscape Landscape Principle, Maintenance

The proper selection of plants, watering, and mulching will provide you with a landscape that requires much less maintenance and saves you both time and money.